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What Kind Of Chatroom Is This?

This is not just a normal drop in chatroom nor a sheep penny play chatroom where traders and investors feel pressured to trigger trade. This is a family chatroom for investors and traders of all sorts to come in, build rapport and take action into trading to learn more from Jon Hayes myself and overall the entire chatroom. We as traders have without a doubt 100% the same exact interest and similarities and that is to PROFIT! as much as we can while taking minimum loses OR to profit to make gains from what we have lost within this dog eat dog market, wether its shorting the play or going long into our favor. 

This trading chatroom is for any type of trader wether you trade daily, weekly, monthly or only into opportunity spot trading as that is my favorite trading style. There is a huge difference when it comes to a family chatroom of traders because not only is the help there but there is every level of support is there for that specific trader(s). There are so many traders who are new and even seasoned that have just the simple of questions to ask on StockTwits, but they are forced to just trade, wait, hope and speculate because of the fear of being bashed by trolling insecure account holders which happens 90% of the time. This trading chatroom I am here to answer ANY and all type of questions on spot or by days end depending on activity level.

Trading alone is difficult and can be emotionally overwhelming.

It is beneficial to join a community of traders and ask questions, talk to them if needed, learn new methods and strategies, get some hints and alerts about the stock market, and also make your own contributions. I know how emotional and head wrecking trading can be and being within a platform like StockTwits it can be extremely draining and lack trust to leave you In the blind. Im here again relaunching my chatroom to be your on spot trade support, guidance, trade management mentor for any trades you may have gotten into or are looking to get out of a trade. There is a strange feeling where you're In the setup of a losing trade for a long period of time and then when you finally have the strength to cut the loss you gain this winning emotion for a fresh start again. In this lifestyle of trading losing comes with it but it ca be limited as long as there is discipline and you lack heavily within the attribute of greed. 


My trading schedule

This trading chatroom will give you keen vision perspective to how often I trade, when I trade, pinned board alerts  that will display my personal play insight on what i'm watching and what kind of move i'm aiming for. Trading everyday can be very unhealthy for any trader thats encountered nice gains because you can easily pay those Gains back to the market, also its vice versa where a trader has encountered a loss and tries revenge trading and ends up losing more - Thats where I mentioned that I love to remain patient, track setups and then take action to play into the trade to build out my position wether it takes a couple days, a week or more. 

Chatroom rules

Very Simple.





Chatroom Abbreviations & Terminology

Stock chat abbreviations

adr – Average daily range of a stock over a number of days (the larger the number the more volatile the stock).
b/o – Breakout
o/n – Overnight
a/n — Afternoon
e/r – Earnings release
ss – Short sell
l/f – Low float stock (very few shares oustanding, generally under 10 million, so these stocks can move a lot on low volume)
hod – High of the day (not including pre-market data)
nhod – New high of the day (used when a stock has broken above a previous high)
52s – 52 week highs
lod – Low of the day (not including pre-market data)
nlod – New low of the day (used when a stock has broken below a previous low)
pre hod – the pre-market high of the day
pre lod – the pre-market low of the day
sup – Support
res – Resistance
red – A stock that is below its previous day’s close
green – A stock that is above its previous day’s close
r/g – A stock going from red to green
g/r – A stock going from green to red
pre – Pre-market trading
a/h – After-hours trading
eod – End of day

Common chat abbreviations

afk – Away from keyboard
idk – I don’t know
iirc – If I remember correctly
imho / imo – In my (humble) opinion
ttyl – Talk to you later
bbl – Be back later
lol – Laughing out loud
pm – Private message (this is called private chat in the chat program)
tia – Thanks in advance
ty – Thank you
yw – You’re welcome

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